Trying For A Baby: Month Three – Here We Go Again

I’ve just finished my period so we’re starting at it again. We were both a little let down last week when I wasn’t pregnant but we also realize that our super nonchalant approach didn’t do us very good.


Month 1 was a huge learning curve. Every day I bounced from being very certain that I was pregnant to being disheartened by feeling that I wasn’t. I quickly learned that everyone has an opinion they feel we need to hear, and being the woman I get a lot more of that than Tyler.

Month 2 we decided to wing it. Let’s not stress, let’s just go with the flow and do what feels best. This month I personally started taking extra good care of myself by eating really well, being sure to move my body every day and cutting down on alcohol and caffeine. That’s what felt and still feels right for me as we embark on this journey. Alas, we didn’t conceive and looking back realized that the odds were not in our favour based on when we had sex.

Month 3 we are finding balance. From one extreme to another the last couple of months we have done a bit more research into how all of this baby making stuff actually works. We still don’t want to stress about getting pregnant but that is our goal so we don’t want to lose sight of it. This month we’re continuing to be healthy and are going to try to pay more attention to my ovulation. That’s not something I’ve ever done before so again we are still learning. We aren’t quite at the point where we want to buy any ovulation tests. While we are being healthier – and we are paying more attention to when we think we should be trying to conceive – we aren’t putting too much pressure on ourselves. We know that this will happen when it’s meant to be.

Going Forward

Through all of this I’m also trying to figure out how much to share and with whom. Everyone who has kids has had such different experiences. Everyone without kids has very different ideas of how it should be done. I don’t know how I’m going to feel in a few weeks when we get our results – positive or negative. I really feel compelled to share these pieces of me. After feeling a bit stuck creatively over the last few months, it feels good to share my voice again. So I want to share but I figure the extent of my openness will vary. This is just a little advisement that Tyler and I feel really good about how we are approaching month three; but I’m not making any promises to share how it turns out.

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