Truth And Growth

A while ago I was listening to a podcast in which the hosts were discussing truth. One of them said something along the lines of “But what does that mean, ‘your truth’?”. It’s a great question especially since it’s such a hot word right now. Finding your truth. Following your truth. Being your truth.

I believe our truth is just that, our honest self. No masks, no walls or guards, nothing fake, just pure raw uninhibited honesty. That’s a big one! It’s so hard to be that super true version of who you are RIGHT NOW. Our past selves and experiences as well as our expectations of who we are or who we are “supposed to be” tend to get in the way. That’s certainly the case for me.

The last 7 or 8 years have been very transformative for me. It seems that every time I think I’ve caught up to who I am and what matters to me, I’ve changed again. My desires, opinions and values are becoming more focused; more real; more honest. All of a sudden, things that once mattered are of no concern to me. It’s confusing and liberating at the same time.

Finding your way to that place of deep truth

Think of a time when you faced a big hurdle… something that was so hard you found yourself really doubting your choices, if you could do it, if it was worth it. All of the questions in your head were challenging you, giving you an out or a reason to give up.

What did your heart say? Did you keep going? Why? Did you succeed? Why? If you didn’t achieve what you wanted, did you still learn something along the way – and maybe end up in a better place than you had ever considered?

Why did you keep going? What was feeding your drive, your pursuit? … Was it your heart? Your intuition? Your gut?

I believe this is where our truth lies. Our heart. Our core.

Our heart, our core, our intuition, our gut… call it what you will. This is where the foundation for our most honest self lies. As often as possible, find time to sit with your self and explore these places within you. No judgement. No questions. Just observations. What comes up? What feels good, what feels bad, what feels safe, what feels “off”?

Being aware of what truly feels right or what truly isn’t working is the first and most important step to growth. Knowing how you feel (or want to feel) and what is right (or wrong) for you is sure to set you up for success.

Taking Action

Now that you’ve connected with your truth you must act on it. More often than not these outward actions will seem awkward and certainly challenging. But without action you’re relying solely on hope. I believe hope is important but I also believe manifesting what you desire requires effort.

Sitting around, going to the same job you dread each day, sticking to a routine that doesn’t feel right, maintaining relationships that don’t set your soul on fire and hoping that something will change isn’t going to get you very far very quickly. You have to actively begin to move towards the life you want. Apply for different jobs. Change your routine. Contemplate what’s not working in the relationship, if it can be better or if it is something you need to let go of. Spend time visualizing how you want your life to feel/be and then start talking about it! Who knows, maybe someone will offer the perfect piece of advice or wisdom or know of the perfect opportunity that will turn everything around. You have to almost shout your intentions because in this noisy world whispers can easily get passed by.

All of these things, I can assure you, are uncomfortable. But I promise the first few times you do it are the hardest. After that, once you begin to see the real difference it is making in your life, your inhibition and spark of fear will all of a sudden become your sign that the time is now, go for it!


At the end of the day, in order to grow you have to work for it. So many of us work towards better promotions, better retirement, better bodies etc. I am trying to encourage you to better yourself by discovering your truth, remaining connected to that truth, pushing yourself to grow and evolve and be challenged. This is a way of growing from the inside out rather than the other way around. If you work towards your goals from a place of connection (to your core values or truth), you will grow faster in the right direction from a place of contentment.

(pictured above are baby sea turtles. As soon as they are hatched, they use their tiny fresh limb/fins to crawl up out of the sand and follow their internal compass to the sea where many of them grow into an important part of their ecosystem. Imagine we were all as brave as these mighty little beings.)

Love, Always.

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