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What Travelling Is Teaching Me About Who I Am And How I Love

I wrote this over a year ago. I remember that day. It was in Popayan, a city in Colombia. This has been sitting on my desktop titled “love” for over a year and I just read it today for the first time in MONTHS and it almost brought me to tears. It’s all so true and the months of travel that followed only solidified these feelings… so read on and know how I felt then and how I feel now and every single day….

Wherever I go, I find love. It’s easy to see what’s different, what’s yucky, smelly, unconventional…. but to see love and find love in a strange and foreign places can be difficult.

I love nature.

When I’m in a natural environment, it’s easy for me to fill up my love tank. The greens of the jungle, the blues of the sea, the pale pink of sunsets. The naturally occurring spectrum’s of colour found in this world help to clear my mind and my body so that I can keep going and face daily challenges with a bit more softness.

It’s harder for me to find love in places that overstimulate my senses, like cities. The music, the crowds, the engines and the garbage are hard to see past (or more importantly are hard to deflect). Cities tend to be pretty overwhelming for me. In nature all I want to do is soak it all in, in cities I’m constantly trying NOT to absorb the hectic and toxic energies that surround me.

All of this, has taught me a great deal about myself.

It turns out I’m much more of an introvert than I thought. I enjoy quiet, space, and down time.

We were walking around a city the other day – the sidewalks were narrow; there were buses, cars and motorcycles flying around in every direction; there were vendors trying to sell things to everyone walking by; there were people who knew exactly where they were going, either moving at a mellow pace or pushing their way through; there were tourists, like us, who were simply exploring a new city. We came to an open space with grass and I just sat down right there. I closed my eyes and found that I could hear birds chirping off in the distance beyond the drone of bells, horns and engines. I need that. I love that. Right there, in that city, I found love. When I opened my eyes I felt calmer and was able to carry on without being overwhelmed by the chaos.

The longer I travel, the more I am connecting with my true self.

I’m learning that I have a lot less space for negativity. I want to fall in love every single day. I have drifted and am drifting further from the people who don’t understand that. I’m drawn to people who love openly and honestly. My bonds with these people continue to strengthen.

Travelling is teaching me who I am and how I love. As my understanding of these lessons develops, so do my relationships. Travelling is teaching me to value those on similar journeys of endless exploration, self-awareness and love.

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