Social Dilemmas

I’ve been writing quite a bit lately and finding the courage to share these posts can be difficult; but time and time again I’ve been told to share my story. This process takes a lot of trial and error. I don’t really know what parts of my story are going to be most relate-able to others, I don’t yet know what people actually want to hear, or what part of me they connect with most.

When scrolling through my social feeds I see others are sharing lots of inspirational uplifting content… That’s what many of us want to see and share.

But I’m not always full of inspirational and uplifting content.

Writing and sharing my experiences and opinions about sunshine and fairies and rainbows is one of my favourite things! If you know me in real life then you know that I am basically a unicorn that sneezes fairy dust and shits rainbows for a living (translation: I’m a very positive person who brings high vibes wherever I go). But no one is happy every moment of every day of their life. No one is “perfect”. (P.S What is perfection? That’s a blog for another day)

Many of us are choosing to portray ourselves on social media in a false light. And it’s hurting us.

The problem is in the design. We’ve been given this opportunity to share only what we want others to see. But in doing so we must also accept that is how others actually see us.

My more positive posts are well received but the ones that can be construed as negative aren’t. Sure this could be because people straight up don’t want to hear my most recent drama (after all, everyone has their own). It could be making people uncomfortable to see the other side of the – sometimes very raw and unedited – coin. Whatever the reason, I am not here to judge.

I am here to share what thoughts I have along the way.

I am learning as I go.

When I post a beautiful inspirational ditty that lifts you up that doesn’t mean my life is full of roses. When I write a darker portrayal of where I’m at that doesn’t mean I’m living under a heavy cloud. My life – and everyone’s life – is full of these cycles.

Within one day we can experience a myriad of emotions. So when one asks “how are you doing?” or “how is your day?” it can be hard to decide how to respond. If it’s a stranger we generally give them the vague, socially accepted response. If it’s someone that knows you more intimately, hopefully you offer them your true voice. We need to stop editing our real life.

This life with all of its ups, downs and twirly strawberry rides is everything. Embrace it all! Honestly, openly, with all of your heart; be real with yourself, and with the people in your world. You never know who needs to hear what you have to say.