A Story To Change Your Perspective

I have to admit that I went into teaching this mornings yoga class without much of a plan. I knew I could rely on a class I taught a couple of days ago for the physical practice; but I like to bring more into my teaching…. a story, a message, a feeling. Little did I know that today would unexpectedly have a little bit of it all.

The intention for the practice was kindness. Being kind to yourself, watching the internal dialogue throughout your practice and deepening the relationship with yourSelf. “How does it feel to be in your body?”, “How does it feel to be you, right now?”

I taught the class, bringing awareness and breath back to the body throughout, to encourage a connection with the body and the energy flowing through it.

At the end of the class though I felt compelled to tell a story. Here it is:

This is a story about a couple in the 50’s. A German couple that got married in the 50’s while the woman was 8 months pregnant. Quite a scandal for the time her family didn’t quite trust the groom. But they got married and he came to Canada to get settled and send money back when he could afford to bring his wife and baby to join him.

Halloween came and this man was anxiously anticipating the arrival of his family. But these kids, all dressed up, with bags, expecting something of him, and asking something he couldn’t quite understand, kept knocking on his door. So he locked the door and ignored any more of the kids.

At the same time, his wife showed up and she was banging and banging on the door. She had just spent days travelling to see him after months away from one another…. and he wasn’t answering the door. He was thinking that maybe she had decided not to join him. She was exhausted and confused… but she persisted and eventually the man opened the door. A reunion I could only imagine. Just imagine how that would feel.

That’s the story of my Grandparents. And yesterday I got to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with them. When my Uncle gave a speech he said that he had never heard his parents say an unkind word to one another.

Seems quite miraculous in a world where there is so much unkindness, these two that have been through so much – much more than I can ever begin to understand – have been kind to each other for 6 decades.

So today’s yoga practice is about deepening the relationship with yourself, speaking kindly to yourself and letting that flow over into the way you speak with others.

I told this story at the end of the practice. Thanked everyone for moving and breathing with me and wishing them a wonderful day.

After class, a few people thanked me for sharing the story and said they enjoyed the practice. Later I received a message from someone who said that they really needed to hear that, that they are a really negative self talker and they needed to hear that message. They always need to hear that message.

Since this story and this message meant so much to some of the people in that class I wanted to share in with even more people. I’m honoured that this is a piece of my story, but I’m even more honoured that I was able to share it and touch a few more souls. Kindness and compassion and LOVE are everywhere and in everything. Be mindful of the way you speak to yourself. Be respectful when speaking to others, you never know their story, you never know what they’ve been through or what goes on in their head. Be kind. Choose love. Always.

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