What Happens At A Reiki Treatment?

What Happens At A Reiki Treatment?

What is reiki?

Reiki is a healing energy. Energy is in everything. A physical ailment, an emotion you are holding, a conflicted relationship, a traumatizing experience‚Ķ. these all hold energy and typically a low vibration or negative energy. Reiki is pure love, it’s a high vibration energy that brings light into those darker areas of your life. Reiki helps you fill up on positive, loving energy so that there is less or little room for those very real (yet ready to be healed) negative influences.

What can you expect at any reiki treatment?

I will welcome you into my reiki room and we will have a seat. This gives you a chance to see the space, get comfortable in your surroundings and we can get an idea of where you are at. I may ask you a question like “what’s going on?”, “what was the driving force behind you booking this treatment today?”, “what is the biggest challenge/fear you are facing right now?”. This helps me to get a sense for how you are feeling and also invites your energy, your intention, your openness (vulnerability) into the room. This inquiry from me is an invitation to share anything that feels right and if you choose to simply remain silent I will honour and respect that as we move to start the treatment without much conversation. I will then have you step up to the bed and lay down in a way that is comfortable for you. I have pillows and other props that will help you to feel safe and supported.

I may guide you through some cleansing breaths and/or a brief meditation. Again, this is meant to assist you in feeling comfortable and present in the space; if you prefer not to receive this dialogue and guidance we will continue without it.

Throughout your treatment I will move around your body, placing my hands on or above you. Typically I work with the main 8 chakras (energy centers) of the body and generally a treatment moves from head to toe; however, I may linger on one area longer than another, I may return to one area over and over. I am a conduit for this healing energy and will do what I am intuitively guided to do for your individual treatment. No two reiki treatments will be the same.

Once the treatment is complete, I will gently let you know and give you ample time to mentally return to the room and mindfully find your way off the table. Again, we will sit. I will offer you a glass of water and we have an opportunity to discuss your treatment, how you feel and any messages I feel called to share with you.

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