Private Yoga Pricing

I’m currently accepting students in London, Ontario (preferably Old South – where I live – or Downtown – where I work) who are stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or dancing around some sort of overwhelming “breaking point”. You may have years of yoga experience and are looking to connect more deeply with your practice; you may have never stepped onto a yoga mat and are curious to see what this practice can offer you.

My budding business is opening its proverbial doors and arms to you. Myself, I will be opening my heart to you and wherever you are at. The space I create balances movement and stillness, ease and strength, connection and detachment. We will always check in before the class begins to see what you would like to focus on for the hour. We will finish with breath-work and/or a meditation and make a plan for the time between classes – what you are responsible for and what I am responsible for.  Together, we will support your goals, dreams, desires, wants and needs…. and more importantly, you’re well-being as a whole being.

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Pricing starts at $50 for a private 60 minute class.

While I absolutely love the connection I can get working one-on-one with a student, I also find great value in working with a small group (people you invite to join) of up to 6 students. I offer discounts for 6- or 10- class packages. Please contact me to personalize a yoga program just for you (and your friends) today!