If You Need Some Reassurance, Maybe You’ll Find It Here

I came on here today to write something completely different… maybe I’ll come back to that, but right now I feel compelled to share a bit of support with the world.

There’s a lot going on cosmically, environmentally, politically, personally… It’s a lot to take in. Do you ever feel like “how can I care about everything?! There seems to be so much that needs fixing!” or perhaps your humble mind wanders to “I should be so damn grateful for the life I have, look at all of the people who are suffering more than I”.

If you resonate with any of that or are feeling a combination of those thoughts (and more) you are not alone.

As an empathetic spirit I have a very hard time watching the news or 90% of the videos that I scroll by on my Facebook feed. I want to care about everything, but I can’t. I want to fix everything but I can’t. Please don’t get all up in my grill right now about using the word “can’t” because seriously…. I cannot stop the hurricanes and typhoons raging around the globe. I cannot vote in the USA. I cannot stop the flooding in India.

Actually I wanna talk about that for a moment. India.

In many ways while I travelled there, it felt like the heart of the world. They have found a beautiful way to balance life. The have little, they have much. They have heat and they have ice. They have love and they have hate. They have a past and they have a future and they don’t know which was is dark or bright but they keep going because THEY TRUST. India collectively has a spirit and a mindset that many of us can learn from. And as the floods rage through India I feel as if the country is crying for the world. And the world barely notices.

There is more to this world than the walls that you surround yourself with. And I think that’s where so many of us get stuck. Because we can’t do it all. We can help though. We can only help each other, SERVE each other, if we are whole in ourSelf.

Worrying is a prayer for what you don’t want

I heard that on a podcast the other day and was like wooooooah! For reals. Before I heard that my favourite quote around worry was “Worrying doesn’t do anybody any good”. Both are true but I feel the one that acknowledges that worry actually gives your attention and prayers to the things you don’t want has a lot more weight to it.

Sit with that for a moment and think about all of the things that you have been worrying about. All of the things that are completely out of your control. All of the thought processes you choose to follow that lead you astray or into confusion or a lost, small and incapable place. When you find yourself in the depths of worry (or fear really) you are not doing any good. Snap out of it as soon as you see where you are.

Gratitude, no matter how fluffy, is a great place to start

Sit, write, speak, dream, think, act, paint, plant, create… however you choose to feel, realize and express your gratitude is solely yours. Make time for it every single day, if not more. I don’t need to expand beyond that. You will see… just practice gratitude as many times in as many ways as possible every chance you get.

Trust is the answer

In this I believe more than anything. You don’t have to understand what is happening in your world, around our planet. The “Why’s” may never be answered. So don’t ask them. Accept where you are. Trust that you can handle this. Trust that there is a lesson to be learned. Trust that you will live to tell the tale… and what a tale it is. Trust that you are supported by more than you understand. Trust. And love. And keep doing the best you can.

We are human. 

We feel so much and we get so caught up in what goes on outside of ourSelf. Come back to yourSelf. When you are you, you are able to serve and heal and BE to the best of your abilities.

You can’t fix everything, but you can be you. You have a very specific impact you are meant to make on this world and it can only be made if you know yourSelf and trust yourSelf. Nothing more, nothing less.

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