Manifesting: To Share or Not To Share?

I am a powerful manifester.

I’ve manifested perfect apartments, money, adventures, outcomes…. you name it, I’ve manifested it. I believe the root of manifesting power comes from trust. Not only trusting that you can manifest things, but also trusting the process (which often seems like a wish your heart makes and then letting the universe work its magic).

Throughout my successes of manifesting, there have of course been things that didn’t turn out the way I had thought they would or wanted them to (that’s a set up for a whole other post, because as much as we can visualize, hope, manifest…. the Universe always has veto power). I believe that this is always for a good reason. You know that saying “everything happens for a reason”? Well I like to take it to the next level by saying “everything happens for a good reason”.

REWIND: “What is manifesting?”

Really, we are always manifesting or creating things. Our thoughts are manifestations. Our hopes and dreams. Also our worries and doubts. Two quotes come to mind here: “Worry is praying for something you don’t want” and “Your thoughts become your reality“. Both ring true. I’m not always the best at explaining what stuff is, so I’ll use an example:

One day, younger Rebecca was looking for a man. She wrote down a list of all the things this man would have/do/be. He had his own car, he had his own apartment, he paid for dinner, he was nice and good looking and funny. This man literally came into my life. It was like he popped off the list and appeared. It was magic. And so so so awful. Look at that list! Is there anything real there? He was such a nice guy and had all the materialistic things I wanted him to and we had so much fun together. He was a good friend. An awful lover. And I kind of broke his heart. Because beyond the facade of success and charm our souls were so not meant to be

I don’t know. What is manifesting? It’s when you think something or hope for something or worry about something or expect something and it happens. All for better or for worse. Our thoughts have power. Don’t be careful what you wish for though…. be bigger and bolder with your wishes and be mindful to make sure they take you forwards in the direction you are going not the other way around. If you’ve ever sat in a moment thinking “I’ve been here before, why does this keep happening?!” Watch your thoughts and intentions… use them wisely.

Recently I’ve been pondering this idea of sharing my intentions and creations in the manifesting phase. In talking with a friend and healer one day she mentioned that speaking or sharing our manifestations can give the power away, spread it out, shroud it’s clarity. Looking back I could see how this can be true sometimes.

When you’re manifesting, it’s all about your intention, your “why”, your end result…. your creation. You have to be SO sure of this thing that there is no room for doubt or uncertainty. Most of the time I have that confidence, that belief and trust that this thing is coming to me. But sometimes I’m not sure. Sometimes I haven’t been clear enough. Sometimes I need more time to narrow my sights to pin point exactly what it is I’m manifesting. And in these times of less certainty, I think it’s unwise to share or speak of the thing you are manifesting. You see, I believe manifesting comes from the depths of your soul, your truest power. When I don’t have my glasses on, the entire world is a bit foggy. Manifesting is clear and sharp, not soft and undefined.

But here’s the catch! We don’t always know what we want! We don’t always have the answers! In these times, rather than manifesting an outcome that’s very precise (e.g. I want a spacious two-bedroom apartment in Old South with rent less than $1000… psst this is an example of something my husband and I manifested) get clear on one thing (e.g. I want an apartment with lots of natural light) or define how you want to feel (e.g. I want an apartment that makes me smile when I look out the window … aka joy or contentment). We don’t always have to have all of the fine details figured out.

To Share Or Not To Share?

When you aren’t super certain and haven’t put the finishing touches on your dreams, I would say only share with people who are going to be 100% supportive and help to further clarify what you’re manifesting. Once you’re clear on what you’re trusting the universe to help you create, and there is nothing that would make you consider any other option, share away and tell the world.

Basically, you don’t want any bad vibes getting between you and your dreams. If you are thinking of quitting your job and starting a new life but still feel kind of on the fence, don’t tell someone who is going to tell you what a dumb irresponsible idea that is… Only tell the people who lift you up. Then once it’s a done deal and you have a one year plan in place to quit your job and move on to your next grand adventure you can tell those negative Nancy’s; because by then your power and trust is so firmly in place you will not unravel. There is no turning back once you’ve decided to live the life of your dreams.

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