love, always

Love, Always.

I am surrounded by and supported by love, always.

You are surrounded and supported by love, always.

We are blessed with the ability to feel – to feel everything and nothing.

As a kid growing up I always felt loved. My childhood memories are filled with laughter and joy and I often thank my parents for teaching me what true love really is – how important it is to give and receive it as much as you can. They tell me the same; they say I taught them about love and joy and they thank me often. Through my youth I fell in “love” and had my heart broken many times. I always bounced back. I always held on to the romantic idea of chivalry. I trusted that my knight in shining armour would find me.

He did. Well, actually I kind of found him. It was unexpected, unconventional and unbelievable. At the time we thought our lives were going in different directions so we parted ways. Then the universe stepped in and very clearly told us that our lives were not so different. It didn’t take long for us to create a daring life together and form a deep bond that rivals even the most romantic love stories I would conjure up as a child.

Despite all of this love that guided me all my life, when I was fighting my way through one of the hardest times in my life I thought I had lost all of it. I knew people loved me. I knew my family loved me. I knew my knight in shining armour loved me. But I was so lost that I couldn’t find any love within me. I certainly didn’t love myself very much and while I knew I loved other people, I couldn’t feel it. It felt different and scary… I felt as if I had lost myself completely.

So I came back to love.

I began with gratitude.

I would write in my journal all of the things I was grateful for; the sun, the wind, my husband. Then I started talking about it. I would tell people how grateful I was for them and why. Eventually I started looking inward and explored the gratitude that I had for myself… all of my perfectly imperfect self. And soon the light started to come back.

The love returned even bigger and brighter than ever.

When I started writing this blog, like this post specifically, I didn’t mean for it to turn into a story about me. I thought this would be a super awesome blog post to let you know that there is love everywhere; in absolutely everything. But this is the way it came out. Words, tears, boogers, expression.

There is love everywhere. It is guiding you even when you don’t know it’s there; even if you feel as though you’ve lost it. Love prevails, always. Love yourself from the inside out and love will flow effortlessly through, in and around your life. Everywhere. Everything.

“I am surrounded and guided by love, always.”

This became my mantra…. and now I pass it on to you. YOU are surrounded and guided by love, always.

All my love (which is a freaking overflowing ocean of it), always.

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