Let’s Support Each Other

Let’s support each other. I mean everyone. Not just our mom, sister, husband, neighbour…but everyone we come across. It breaks my heart to see judgement in this world. Of any kind.

I was just on the bus home. A man came on. The bus driver wouldn’t accept his transfer because it wasn’t legible and – from what I overheard of the conversation – in pieces. The man spent some time rifling through his pockets and then I heard him say “I have a dollar…umm…”.

I reached for my purse and offered him a bus ticket.

Some details have been left out of this story on purpose. Because I think anyone would have done the same in this situation. I hope.

It breaks my heart that anyone would roll their eyes at someone who just needed help to get wherever he was going. It breaks my heart that we choose to judge people based on their physical appearance; that we have created this hierarchy based on the way we dress, the state of our cleanliness, our personal – I reiterate: personal – choices.

For fucks sake. Let’s stop right now. If you have no problem deciding to support to a family member but hesitate to do so for a stranger (especially if they appear to be “less” than you) I am begging you to stop right now. Open up. Be kind. To everyone! We are all someone’s daughter or son….. we are all human.

We Are All Human

I don’t care where you are from, where you are going, who you’re related to, who you know…. I don’t care about any of it. I care about kindness. I care about support. I care about equality. I care about respect.

It’s Your Choice

I said it before. We all make personal decisions. Not everyone has to agree. What we can do is support each other. I don’t know where you came from, who you were raised by, or what you’ve been through in your life. I do know that all of those things can shape us and make us a certain way if we let them. In the end, you have a choice. You can discriminate, hate, judge, turn a blind eye…. or you can choose to celebrate our differences, support a stranger, spread the word and choose love. Always.

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