Hello 2018! How To Move Forward With Clarity…

A few weeks ago Tyler and I made a vision board. We got serious about what we want to achieve and accomplish in 2018, wrote it all out and dressed it up in a fun way that’s now posted right beside our bathroom mirror.

Gearing up with goals, intentions, resolutions etc is such a great way to move into a new year. But there is another super important piece to the evolutionary puzzle. We must also let go of our old thoughts, patterns and ideas to make space for what’s to come.

Today I’m sharing my favourite ways to release what is no longer serving me. Today also happens to be a full moon which makes is an amazing time to consider adopting one or more of these into your daily/weekly/monthly/annually rituals.

Shake It Off

Move your body. This is one of the easiest ways that most of us are familiar with to release unnecessary clogged up energy. Ecstatic dance is something many of us do without realizing. Check out this article on it’s lasting effects. If this form of dancing isn’t for you, just get moving. Try a vinyasa yoga practice. Go for a jog. Jump around your house in your birthday suit. Turn up your favourite jam, grab your ladle (aka microphone) and bust a move. Kick boxing. Tree climbing. Weight lifting. Ballet. Jiu Jitsu. Whatever activity you choose, go for it, let go, move mindfully, leave it all behind and step forward with clarity.

Be Still

While moving your body feels so good and you can actually feel the energy vibrating through you, within you, an around you… meditation is a practice that will have deeper longer lasting effects. While movement works with your physical body and sky rockets your endorphin’s, meditation  works with your brain to effect the way you think and act. How many times have you heard a yoga teacher or fitness trainer tell you that real strength comes from slow control of your movements? Meditation is the slow steady observation of your breath, your mind, your subtle energy. Now is a great time to step outside your comfort zone and begin to unclutter your monkey mind.

Energy Healing

I’ve been working with Reiki for a few months since getting my first attunement. Before that I had reiki and other energy treatments a few times from others. I’ve also started to dabble in shamanic medicine and have had an interest in reflexology for a while. If these all sound a bit too far fetched for you, then perhaps something a little more “mainstream” like acupuncture would be best to try. I have found this type of healing to be deep, powerful and well…. life changing. We often don’t realize what we are holding on to and how much it blocks us from our joy. This work is a form of surrendering our control and letting the energy of the universe remove the gunk that is stuck within us.

Whatever Your Heart Desires

I love to journal, it’s an awesome way for me to make sense of the thoughts bouncing around in my head. My mother-in-law has a hard time journalling but loves making mind-maps and creating pathways between her seemingly disconnected thoughts. Whatever it is that you feel compelled to do is what you should do. Your heart truly does know what you need. Your guides, angels, fairies, ancestors and God(s) are sending you messages every single day. Listen. Trust. Do.

The first step to creating more clarity in your life is to ask for it. That begins the process. None of the methods I’ve mentioned are going to offer you a quick fix. This life is all about practice. The more you let go of your past, your judgments, negativity, expectations and attachments the deeper your connection to your self will become. The happier, more content, patient and loving you will be. You are a beautiful soul with a purpose. You are surrounded and guided by love, ALWAYS. Always.

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