“How Do You Feel About Making A Baby?”

I just sent that message to my husband.

Having a baby is something we’ve talked about A LOT. We’ve been together for 7 years (or something like that) and since it has been a forever kind of love since the day Tyler got home from South East Asia, we haven’t shied away from the “kids talk”.

Fast forward to now. Today. Today I had my IUD removed. Woah! It feels like a big deal! Like an enormous deal!

As I was walking to my appointment I felt scared and unsure.


I started taking the pill when I was 18. Before I ever knew what it was like to take responsibility for my body, I gave my power away. For years I was uncomfortable – or rather unhappy – about taking the pill but really didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t want to get pregnant. Condoms seemed like a pain and I didn’t trust myself enough to make sure we used one every time. IUD’s weren’t really common … everyone I knew was either on the pill or not using protection. So I stuck to it.


A couple of years ago I finally got to the point where I really wanted to minimize the hormones I was taking in so I talked to my Doc. I was referred to another Doc who told me the Jaydess IUD had much less hormones than the pill. It was also much more cost effective and would be a solution for the time frame I still didn’t want to get pregnant so I switched to an IUD. It was an absolutely horrible experience getting it put in. I felt extremely violated. I was kind of pissed at myself too… for still putting a foreign device in control of my sexual organs. But it healed and I got over it.


As women, we have this amazing gift. The gift to bear children, to create life. Yet from a young age we’re told that if we don’t want to get pregnant then we must modify our bodies; whether  with hormonal intervention or an implant of some sort. No one ever told me that my body is perfect just the way it is; that if I listen to my body and become in tuned with my body that I can be in charge.


Getting the IUD removed went great. The doctor was awesome, there was a moment of pain and then freedom. Today I took control of my body and I’m so happy I did! Never again will I rely on someone or something else to do this for me. Now, I’m in charge.

I believe planning to be or not be a parent is a job for two, but I also know that as a woman much of the responsibility falls on my shoulders. I’m okay with that. It’s an honour to finally feel connected to my body. Girl, it’s time to do your thing…. I’m sorry I’ve been keeping you cooped up for so long!


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