Learn To Detach From Your Emotions

When you’re happy, be happy. When you’re sad, be sad. When you’re grieving, grieve. Be mad. Be inspired. Be frustrated. Be overwhelmed. Be curious. Be ecstatic. Be emotional. Be sensitive. Be giddy. Be nervous. Be content. Be. But don’t get attached.

Have you ever been in a bad mood? Silly question, I know. Okay… say you just had a disagreement with someone. And then something hilarious happens and you want to laugh but you don’t want to laugh because you’re busy being invested in how the disagreement made you feel 10 seconds ago. Screw that. Laugh!

In reverse, imagine you’re having this well-flowing conversation with friends. Ideas are bouncing around and it feels very syncronistic. All of a sudden someone says something that really throws you for a loop. Express that too! Don’t feel like you’re ruining the flow or changing the mood. Maybe it is the perfect moment for a turn or pivot point in the conversation.

Either way, if you’re in a rut or floating around on cloud 9, your emotions can change in a heart beat.

Do not get attached to your emotions.

Each moment is a chance to be better. Every time you can be really honest about how you feel is an opportunity to grow. This practice will improve your self-awareness and in turn, your whole life.

Your opinions, ideas, and emotions are always changing both because of internal processes and external influences. Allow yourself to change. Change is constant.

Whatever you feel in this moment is yours. Cherish it.

Love, Always.

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