Classes & Upcoming Events

If you’re wondering where you can practice with me, look no further than this important and informative page! I’ll be keeping this updated with all of the classes I’m offering, where I’ll be teaching and what events I’m involved in over the coming months. Let’s get started!

Weekly Classes

I have started teaching Hatha “flow” at a new studio in London: Evolation Yoga! My classes blend traditional yoga postures with a graceful movement component. You won’t find many chuttarungas in this class that may have you thinking outside of the yoga box (which makes it super accessible to yogis of all levels). Breath, movement, stillness and creativity make this a fun class that goes beyond asana.

Current Schedule:
Friday’s 9:30am
Sunday’s 10:15m

Moon Ceremonies

Each new and full moon I get together with Jodi Cronyn, of Wild Fyre, and Charlotte Brennan, of Beyond the Purple Door. Each 2 hour ceremony is slightly different, but all offer meditation, asana, journalling, a burning ceremony, tea and plenty of Reiki healing.

Please go to the Wild Fyre eventbrite page to find out what is coming up in our calendar.


Contact me directly any time with questions, ideas, input or concerns you may have: Please email; find me on Facebook or Instagram for direct messaging. 

Love, always.