When we root down

down into our truth

down into our true values

down into our true desires

down into our truest version of ourselves

when we root down, we can rise up

rise up as whole and heard

rise up without explaining ourselves

rise up without questioning ourselves

rise up free of masks

we can rise up

When we root down, we can rise up

I am here to shine light into the darkness.

I am here to help you rise.

I’ve been there. I visit the depths of my soul often, sometimes to check in and other times from being tossed there to explore, discover and learn. I am here to help you see the light within you… I’ll come meet you where you are, hand you a sparkler and hold your hand until you trust your own light enough to step forward on your own. The power to be yourSelf is within you and every time you go against that grain the universe will remind you that’s not the right path.

You know if something is “off”; you know when what you’re doing doesn’t quite fall in line with who you feel you are; you know when you land in a situation that you shouldn’t be in. You can see when you’re learning the same lesson over and over again. All of the wisdom you need is within you.

Start by listening to what your soul is saying. Next, trust what you hear and what FEELS right. Every time you do something that honours your soul your trust will grow bit by bit until it comes naturally and the voices of others fade away.

Reiki is the modality I use to support you on your path

Reiki is love. Reiki is healing energy. Reiki is energy, which is everyone and everything. Reiki will move through you and there will be so much love that the negative emotions/situations/experiences won’t feel so big. The bright loving light comes in and burns away whatever you’re holding that is not serving your greater purpose, your truth.


*60 Minute Reiki $90*

60 minutes gives us time to talk, if you feel like talking. 60 minutes gives you time to settle in; if you’re comfortable with it I will guide you through a brief breathing and meditation practice to center yourself. 60 minutes allows me to take time to work through and with each of your chakras, or energy centers. This is where reiki clears out the old, the negative, the stuff attached to you that isn’t yours to carry. I take my time, I tune into you and work where you need it most.
At the least you will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, clear and confident. Much more is possible and the depths of the work isn’t always known by us at the time. Reiki continues to flow through you for days after your treatment.

*30 Minute Reiki $50*

30 minutes is a wonderful introduction to reiki or time for a spiritual tune-up. If you’re curious about reiki this may be the option for you. If you have had a rough week and need to shake the gunk off this may be the option for you. If you want are looking to fill up with love, this modified and shortened time frame may be the option for you.

*Yoga+ Reiki (60 minutes) $75*

This wonderful offering blends the energy healing of reiki with the movement and release of asana (the physical form of yoga). You will begin by establishing a very specific intention for our time together. Based on what your intention is, I will guide you through a series of yoga postures before you come to stillness and I finish our time together with pure reiki love. This is for you if you have something very specific to work through and feel that movement is an essential component for your healing.

*Packages $222*

Three 60 minute treatments OR Five 30 minute treatments

These package options are for the person ready to take their personal development to the next level. If you keep coming back to the same problem/issue/lesson over and over again and can’t seem to breakthrough, this is for you. If you are experiencing big changes in your life, this is for you. If you want to step away from expectations and barriers that you didn’t choose for yourself, this is for you.

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